Crab Stop Vero Beach

Thursday 05 January, 2017

Crab Stop Vero Beach- 4 stars.
When I travel to outlying areas I rely on Yelp to point me in the right direction. Oftentimes it misses but this day it was spot on. The Crab Stop in Vero Beach is one of those restaurants you would never enter based on the exterior. Upon entering you are taken in by a veritable panoply of smells that give you comfort you have come to the right place. What is cool about this restaurant is after the hostess seats you a large man lumbers over and introduces himself as Ellis, the owner. He then proceeds to give you an exegesis on the menu. He makes everything sound so exciting. I ordered the snow crab deluxe, a side of corn fritters and a side of garlic eggs.
Let me be clear the sole reason this is not 5 star is execution. The flavors were spot on. Everything was seasoned well. It had a crispy flair that literally vibrated taste in my mouth. This is an above average meal in any city. The negatives are two fold. The snow crab was slightly over cooked and the garlic eggs were cold in the center. My guess is the average person would be so blown away by the flavors the minor execution issues would be meaningless. Go see Ellis tell him the Big Boy sent you.