Crush XI

Thursday 22 February, 2018

Crush XI- Downtown Melbourne, FL. 5 Stars
Top 5 in Brevard
This week has been all cacanny, for real. It is actually harder to produce top 5 reviews than 1 Star. The reason is because it's easy to pick apart horrid food. It's very hard to emphasize the most amazing food that exists. Well, my task this week has been to grapple with the words to tell you how awesome Crush XI is in the food department.
There are very few restaurants that hit on all cylinders from the moment you walk in the door. Crush XI is one of those establishments and they earn the number 2 spot on the Best Restaurants in Brevard County list.
You walk into this dynamic place that has perfect lighting with tables situated perfectly. Ambiance is stellar. Service was prompt, attentive and on point.
I started with the house Sazerac. This is a rare drink to find in Brevard County. Not only is it spot on but they Crush it outta the park. Instead of ordering an entree I decided to go tapas style and ordered all of the bites. We started with Brie that was cooked properly and flavorful. I took a taste of the Spanish cheese. It was creamy with a tang on the tongue. Great zing. The buffalo style sweetbreads were spot on. Tender morsels of gland that literally sang a song in my mouth. The charred blue brussels were cooked with kielbasa cippolinis and obviously blue cheese. The layering of flavors in this dish were complex and delightful. We also ordered the Street Corn. This offering was the hero of the night. It is cooked with cilantro and cotija cheese. It is finished with paprika that literally blows you out of your seat. The only dish that was not perfect were the Duck Fat Fries. I am not sure if it was just me but I did not care for the preparation. That said, this restaurant is 5-Star all the way. If you don't try this Big Boy says you are making a huge mistake.