CuiZine Restaurant

Sunday 27 May, 2018

CuiZine - Satellite Beach - 5 Stars

Top 5 BEST!!!!! - Number 2

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

When I have a great meal, I begin to ask myself "how hard is this?" I mean really...does it only take a creative mind to create something mind-blowing? Does a person just need dedication and motivation? Can a person be trained to provide great food, or does it have to be something innate to make a meal that is memorable? Who really knows why some cooks can turn out awesome meals with limited ingredients, but others can't cook their way out of the proverbial wet paper bag with the freshest ingredients and the best kitchen set up? I, for one, can't answer that question. What I do know is the chef at CuiZine is a maestro conducting a concerto, with every single item on the menu a cadenza inside that concerto. Because CuiZine is a genius at the execution and presentation of their food, they officially enter the Big Boy Dining Out Top 5 list at number two. It was close, and will be a neck and neck battle for number one over the next year.

The first thing I want to mention about my experience is the server, David. It is so pleasurable to have wait staff who give the appearance that they enjoy their work and bring a positive energy to the service. David was effective and impressive in the depth and breadth of his knowledge of the menu. He should give a master class on the professionalism of restaurant service, he's that good. While awesome service won't make a bad meal great, it will make a splendid meal perfect - and David accomplished that feat singlehandedly.

The meal started with a 12-year aged Macallan neat. If you have ever been curious about scotch, Macallan is the best of the best. Their 25-year vintage sells for over $1,500.00 a bottle, and I can state unequivocally that you can taste the difference between them. For the first course of my meal, I ordered the Hudson Valley Foie Gras, which is always a standard for me if it is offered at a restaurant. I have had the Foie here no less than five times, and I can state that it is the indisputable best in Brevard. My second course was the beef bone marrow. You need to enlarge the photo so you can see how perfectly executed this offering was, as words cannot describe its perfection. The third course was gnocchi with Italian sausage and broccoli rabe, which sat on a bed of creamy garlic sauce. These gnocchi were executed in a masterly fashion, so much so that I could have consumed three bowls' worth. The main course was hogfish in a Guinness and squid ink batter. These were quick fried for a spot-on redoubtable presentation. They were accompanied by sweet potato fries and a tomato salad, both of which were indubitably executed.

CuiZine sits comfortably in the number two spot on the BBDO Best-Of list. Try it yourself - I guarantee you will be happy you went!