Darci’s Bacon Blues

Tuesday 18 September, 2018

Darci's Bacon Blues - Cape Canaveral - 5 Stars

"Hidden Gem"

Do you love bacon? Of course you do! Everyone loves bacon, for goodness' sake. Well, at Darci's Bacon Blues, you will walk into the most professionally run diner I have ever experienced as a patron. I didn't get to meet Darci but I would like to ask her flat out, "How is it you can create such a positive, upbeat environment with food this delectable when so many restaurants can't serve the simplest items?"

I don't score on customer service and ambiance, but if I did, this restaurant would be 5-Star all day, every day. Blues music plays delicately in the background at just the right level and a silent television loops bacon prep and cooking to get you primed. I was instantaneously greeted by Nicole and was directed to my seat. A name plate was placed in front of me with my server's name, which was a marvelous touch. As I looked around, I noticed the appropriate decor to give a hipster feel but still welcoming for those of us who don't like the dirty, gamey hair look so prevalent among the millennial set.
Everything is clean. Spic and span.

As I perused the menu, Nicole came over and started explaining what goes on at Darci's, such as how the bacon is all smoked in-house and further elucidated that everything was made on site. I started wondering if this was going to be like on a television show where they actually make everything fresh? I was in proverbial dreamland.

My order consisted of the Bacon Sampler Platter, Uncle Willy's heart attack sandwich, a biscuit, and a side of gravy. Starting with the latter, the gravy was fresh and clearly not made out of a packet with tiny chunks of bacon in it. The cheesy biscuit was lovingly prepared, nice and dense with enough flavor standing on its own that you don't need jam, honey, or butter.

My Uncle Willy sandwich had fresh, in-house smoked ham with some crisp bacon added, along with melted cheddar cheese and southern slaw. As I write this, my salivary glands are in high gear as I mentally re-live this incredible experience. I give this 5 thumbs up. The Bacon Sampler allows you to choose three bacons from a large list. I picked Hillbilly Bacon, Country Fried Bacon, and Cherrywood Smoked Bacon. I have never tasted bacon this fresh and full of flavor. It is like Darci conceived this menu and decided to never to compromise quality.

For those who may want something other than bacon, there are plenty of non-bacon items on the menu. Please see my menu photos to get an idea of their other offerings. What I can tell you unequivocally is that Darci's Bacon Blues does not phone it in with cheap ingredients from low end purveyors. This is the real deal. 5 Star all the way.

Big Boy says, "If you don't try this restaurant then you haven't had some of the best food in Brevard County."