DeAngelo’s by the Sea

Tuesday 03 January, 2017

DeAngelo's by the Sea- Melbourne Beach 1.0 Star. As I walked into this restaurant the redolent days of my childhood harkened back to Rocco's. Sadly, I was slapped backed to reality moments later. These reviews while always are subjective, I try to bring an objectivity to the experience by using a firm in place 10 point scale among 6 categories. Two main areas I look at are technique and execution.
DeAngelo's failed so miserably in both that we left after the appetizer was served. There was a special appetizer advertised on the board. Portuguese Little Neck clams. I asked the server if it was good. She admitted that it was her first night but she would ask. She stated the manager said it was a real treat. So I ordered them. What came out of the kitchen was a total and complete horror show that resulted in this restaurant being placed 3rd on my list of worst restaurants in Brevard County. In the middle of this giant mound of Prego red sauce, that no self respecting Italian could EVER call gravy, was a pile of pre-cut frozen defrost sausage chips, yellow onions that were chewy,(how bad a cook are you that onions are CHEWY), and wilted clams. I knew the sausage on site. I have seen it before. It comes in a giant bag frozen. The clams looked to be fresh. As I bit into it I realized why this was a special. The clams had turned. As a final note the iced tea was not brewed but the fountain dispensed tea that taste like club soda not ice tea. This place is bad beyond all possible thoughts. Thankfully for them there are two worse restaurants that are still open.