Debbie’s Diner

Saturday 07 January, 2017

Debbie's Diner Merritt Island- 4 stars
Followers of my food posts know my bete' noire are restaurants that use low end Sysco products and turn out low quality thoughtless fare. Because chef's and line cooks in Florida are handcuffed by state food sourcing laws it is a real pleasure to find a hidden gem that can rise above the kerfuffle.
Debbie's Diner is that place. You get fresh homemade biscuits. A major plus in my book. The location is a tad hard to find and you need to park behind the building. The inside is not decorated in any way whatsoever.
BUT THE FOOD IS GOOD!!!! Country fried steak and eggs. The eggs were actually cooked and seasoned thus no salt or pepper was needed. The country fried steak was the typical one you get everywhere but the preparation was spot on. Again, as I always say execution and technique will win out over ingredients any day. Now a special word needs to be mentioned about their potato cakes. This is something new I have not seen before. Tightly compressed hash browns fried golden crisp with flavor and seasoning added. Great job. Tops of the Sysco food chain!!!! Feel good about stopping and tell them the Big Boy sent you.