DOCCS Kitchen

Monday 16 January, 2017

It is very very rare to find a restaurant and a chef with the puissance of Chef Andrew. The flavors served here are so delicately layered you become enraptured in a fugue state to the point you don't realize you have eaten all the food in front of you. We ordered the Mahi Tacos blackened, The California Club sandwich, a Very Berry Smoothie and the chef brought us Egg Rolls.
I have had fish tacos at over 50 different restaurants. This Taco was creative and the execution was flawless. The flour tortilla had been grilled before the ingredients were placed inside. The slaw on the fish was creamy, light and well balanced. I wanted to order a second helping but I had the club sandwich. One thing I like to do is see each chef's take on the same dish. This sandwich had fresh meats not processed. The vegetables were so crisp they tasted like they had just been picked (even though I know they had not been). The Very Berry smoothie was AMAZING!!! So fresh and fruity. The only negative is the service is lacking. The lady helping us was in over her head. Even so, the food is what the Big Boy is about. This is 5-Star and sits at number 4 in my Top 5 best Restaurants in Brevard County. Big Boy says TRY IT!!!!