Dottie’s Restaurant

Wednesday 11 July, 2018

Dottie's Restaurant - Palm Bay - 2.5 Stars

"Diplomacy - the patriotic art of lying..." Bierce

Once again, the Big Boy finds himself seated in a strip mall hash house. This particular restaurant has been here nigh onto 20 years. Their particular claim to fame is that they host the Palm Bay Lions Club monthly meetings, but unfortunately, they are not well-known for their creative menu or fresh ingredients, as you would expect a restaurant to be known for its food and not for its meetings.

However, one thing that they create above-average is the non-homemade biscuit. I'm not sure who their purveyor of biscuits is, but it is not the Sysco pull-and-microwave you see at other low-rent dives. Other positives here are that the home fries were cooked properly - not something you see on a regular basis - and the eggs were also prepared well. Finally, I need to mention the country fried steak. This specimen was the corporate hockey puck version you loyal followers have heard me lament about so often. In capable hands, it can be cooked to mask the mealy flavor so common in this offering, but sadly, smothering loads of sausage gravy didn't do the trick in this case.

Our server Krystal was a bright spot in the dark, dank confines of Dottie's. A real pleasure, she was prompt and attentive. Every server should be like Krystal - happy, friendly and knowledgeable. Unfortunately, she is the exception to the norm in diners like Dottie's.

Big Boy says, if you are starving, stop in to Dottie's for a low-octane fuelup; otherwise, just pass this place and move on to somewhere else