Double Tapp Grill

Tuesday 30 January, 2018

Double Tapp Grill- Melbourne 4.5 Stars
In my very younger years I served as what is now known as a "first responder." The term double tapp comes from the order of your training officer to place two bullets center mass to the chest of your adversary.
The connotation as it applies to this restaurant is apropos. The Double Tapp Grill is really an ancillary afterthought to the gun shoppe and gun range attached to this Eatery. While the range and gun store are filled with people deluded by the Babbittry of their lives, little do they know the exquisite taste delights that exist just a few feet away.
The menu here is unique I ordered fried cheese curds, gator tail and frog legs. The curds were fried and I knew immediately they had been prepared on premises. The batter is light and allows the flavor of the cheese to shine. The frog legs were light fried with no batter. I found this to be original because usually cooks turn them into chicken wings but here they were quick fried, then daintily covered in a mango habanero sauce that had the proper balance and depth of flavor. The gator tail however was the real star. Alligator essentially always bland. Gideon, the chef at Double Tapp, has created a dredge that knocks your socks off. It is full of flavor and cooked to perfection. I could have eaten another order they are so good. The owners of this restaurant really care about their food quality and it is so nice to see. Bravo!!! Big Boy says Try It!!!!