Eau Gallie Yacht Club

Sunday 20 May, 2018

Eau Gallie Yacht Club- Indian Harbor Beach- 4 Stars
If only this restaurant was open to the public. I am not a member but I heard the food was good so I begged an entry with a close friend. Amazingly, he relented and took me to this exclusive locale. After realizing I was going to savor this food I began to cachinnate maniacally; loudly!
Because this is a members only club, the servers are on salary not tips. The service is very good. It makes me wonder if that is because of being salaried or the management. Anyway, I ordered the buffalo style fried oysters. The buffalo sauce overwhelmed the dish and the oysters were a tad overcooked. It came with a daub of slaw in the center that was flavorless, but that might be because the spicy kick of buffalo sauce needs something to balance it.
The next course was truly amazing. I am not a huge kale fan but if prepared properly it can really absorb bountiful flavors. The kale Caesar salad was to die for. It came well dressed smothered in extra anchovies, the way I like it, bursting with an original take on Caesar dressing. This was a home run. The final course was a first for me. Sweet corn agnolotti. Agnolotti is a small flattened stuffed pasta similar to ravioli however, has a twist due to originating from the piedmont region of Italy. This ricotta stuffed pasta was covered with corn and quick fried chunks of pancetta. Each bite was heaven. I easily could have had a second portion. Big Boy says if you can get in, try it. It's