Eddie’s Sunrise Diner

Wednesday 11 January, 2017

Eddie's Sunrise Diner - Melbourne 3 Stars.
I am not sure if the name sake of this salubrious establishment still runs it but at one time this restaurant was a go to must for breakfast.
As time fades oftentimes so does food quality however, at Eddie's Diner things are still consistent. I have decided going forward I will ask in advance if the biscuits are made on the premises. That way I am not stuck with a sad face and the Sysco hockey puck.
I ordered my traditional country fried steak and eggs over medium. Home fries and a biscuit. The biscuit was homemade and it was light and fluffy that had obviously been dusted with butter pre-baking because the butter had suck into the top of the flour. The Country fried steak is the same one you get everywhere and this one was fried. The inside came out pleasant outside crispy. The eggs were fair and the home fries over cooked. This could have been 4 star it just did not hit on all cylinders. I like Eddie and wish him well but there are better places. Big Boy says pass.