Friday 26 January, 2018

Edelweiss- Melbourne 4 Stars
After leaving a scathing review for a south Melbourne Beach German restaurant I was on a quest to find flavorful authentic German cuisine. I did not have to look far. I crossed over the bridge and found this long time haunt still rocking 18 years later.
The restaurant is on a main drag in a rougher part of town and you aren't going to find elaborate dining or on point service but here is what you do get; FLAVORFUL & PROPERLY COOKED German food. Unlike its competitor, Edelweiss has a real German emigre chef. My abhorrence for fakery was easily abated.
I ordered the Jaeger Schnitzel with red cabbage and spaetzle. I also ordered Paprika Schnitzel. Both dishes were hand tenderized. The pork was lovingly cooked so as not to bruise the offering. On the jaeger was a thick dense gray sauce packed with amazingly layers of flavor. The red cabbage was cut and cooked here not pre-packaged. My fav however was the spaetzle which was buttery and creamy. Hands down this restaurant, food wise, far outstrips the previously reviewed place.
Big Boys says give it a try you will like it.