El Ambia Cubano

Wednesday 18 January, 2017

El Ambia Cubano- Melbourne 5 Stars
There are so many Cuban restaurants in Brevard County you would think we live in Miami. El Ambia Cubano serves a great Americanized version of Cuban food. In fact I think they do it better than their competitors and I like one of their rivals a great deal.
What separates the real deal from the posers is Palomilla Steak. Some Cuban restaurants try to gild the lily. Not El Ambia. They serve a perfectly cooked perfectly seasoned Palomilla Steak. It has a rich dark creamy tang that really pops in your mouth. I gobbled it down and almost ordered a second it was that good. Service is above average. The owner was on site the day I came in. He is charming and eager to serve his customers. The dining area is small and you will have to wait a bit at rush hours but trust me it is well worth the wait. Big Boy LOVES El Ambia Cubano give it a try.