El Indio Mexican Restaurant

Monday 11 June, 2018

El Indio Mexican Restaurant- Melbourne- 1.5 stars

"Man has only a thin layer of soil between himself and starvation."--Bard of Cincinnati.

And starve you will. This may be the worst Mexican food in the Sunshine State, if not the whole of the US of A. As I looked at the runny, brown glop, not unlike diarrhea that seemed to pass for refried beans in this place, I felt like driving an ice pick through my eye for not demanding recompense for time wasted with this meal. Literally and I mean this most sincerely, Taco Bell has better ingredients and much better flavor.
This meal was obviously thrown together with little thought or caring on the part of the cook. Not a single ounce of pride was put into preparing this meal. The meat is the absolute lowest grade possible. The chicken was rubbery and the beef could not be chewed as it mostly consisted of gristle.
The rice was hard and undercooked. It looked like it had been sitting out for hours. The guacamole is the pre-made Sysco green sludge that comes in the two quart container.
I took my daughter with me because school was out. She ordered a soft taco with ground beef and she refused to eat it! What kid refuses to eat their favorite food in the entire world??
Getting back to my order; the Supreme Fajitas were covered in a red sauce similar in taste and consistency to canned Italian spaghetti sauce. To top it all off there was zero Mexican spice or flavoring in any of the dishes. This place was so bad the complimentary corn chips they serve you were stale. This was an abysmal failure all the way around. At this point you may be wondering where the half a star came from? Well, I decided to exercise option 10 on the guidelines list and award 1/2 a star for service. Our server was prompt, attentive and kind. She was a real gem and kept this whole thing from devolving into a donnybrook. Big Boy says , "
Stay away. Far, far away."