Ethel & Fred’s

Tuesday 10 January, 2017

Ethel and Fred's- West Melbourne 1/2 Star.
It's rare to have consistent meals. I am referring to consistently bad. I ordered as always two eggs over medium, hash browns with onions, country fried steak and a biscuit. Of course the biscuit was out of a Sysco pre made box and microwaved. The eggs were way undercooked. The hash browns actually had flavor until I realized the onions were not mixed I but plopped on top. This is the third meal in the last week that was inedible. As always they try to give me the meal for free. I DO NOT WANT A FREE MEAL!!!!!! I want a well prepared meal. It is NOT that hard. Update: tried again. This miserable dump is so bad it officially rates number 1 worst restaurant in Brevard County. See my new photos. Big Boy says STAY AWAY!!!!!'n