First Watch – Viera

Tuesday 24 April, 2018

First Watch - Viera - 3 Stars.
Before I ate here I was unaware this was a chain. In fact this company owns the Egg and I, which suffers from the exact same issues as First Watch. There are a few chain restaurants that have decided to think outside the box and use economies of scale to provide an excellent dining experience. Sadly, First Watch is not one of those chain restaurants. I would venture to say McDonald's actually works harder to provide fresh, creative offerings than this place. That said, First Watch does make a half-hearted attempt with a fancy sounding menu. I want to be clear. This is NOT bad, it just is not great. Compared to some other breakfast haunts, First Watch provides a friendly, open environment. Our server Hayleigh, handles service like a champ. She gets my nomination for top service staff in Brevard. Her talents are greatly wasted at a chuk-a-luck joint like this.
I ordered a chorizo omelette and lemon curd ricotta pancakes.The lemon curd is an interesting twist on pancakes. It takes what amounts to a bland pancake recipe and peps it up with the curd. Without the curd these pancakes are below average.
The omelette had a smattering if chorizo and American cheese product. The eggs were overcooked but serviceable. The chorizo gave it a significant enough kick to get this review to 3 Stars, but only by the skin of their teeth. Big Boy says average, just average.