Five Points Cafe

Thursday 26 July, 2018

Five Points Cafe- Cocoa- 3 Stars

Continuing my gastronomic adventures in the Central Brevard area, I found myself in front of a very nondescript hole in the wall, known as 5 Points Cafe, or just 5 Points to the locals.

While one can find patrons of diverse cultures there on any given day, upon entering, I was immediately struck with a homey old style feel. I felt right at home and half expected my Southern Grandmother to yell at me from the kitchen, "Y'all take those shoes off now. Ya hear?" After I was seated at an open table in the small dining area in the back, my server approached with the standard, "Hello. My name is Susie, I will be your server today. What can I get you?" She was very competent at her job and on point all day. They served everything on the menu at all hours, so I decided to sample their breakfast, lunch, and dinner offerings (now you know how I got to be The Big Boy).

For the breakfast sampler, I went with two eggs over medium and a country fried steak. For lunch, their Cod Basket which included fries, hush puppies, and slaw. Finally, I went way out there and ordered Liver and Onions for my dinner entree. Susie soon returned as bubbly as ever with my food. Everything smelled and looked fantastic, so I dove in without any trepidation what so ever. The eggs were a perfect over medium. Seriously, the chef should teach others how to cook eggs as properly for it really is a science. Sadly, that is where the perfect breakfast ended. Everything else tasted fine, but the home fries were obviously frozen as was the chicken fried steak. The biscuits were of the plug and play variety and the gravy was certainly not homemade and came from an instant mix (just add water--yuck!). The toast had some sort of squeeze bottle margarine drizzled half-heartedly on top (what would Grandma think?!). Next up to bat was the Cod basket with the Liver and Onions waiting in the on-deck circle. The Cod, while coming from the frozen and not fresh variety, was cooked properly and was not mushy or bland on the palate. It was crunchy on the outside and firm on the inside as it is written it should be. The hush puppies, albeit frozen as well, were deep fried (Hallelujah!) to perfection. The coleslaw was another story. A good slaw is a must in a Southern cafe and this place just didn't have it. It was limp, bland and pedestrian.

We now come to the last item on my order, the Liver and Onions dinner entree. This is a hard meal to make good at home, so I was anxious to see how this chef did. He missed it by a mile. The beef liver was overcooked, not to the point of shoe leather, but not that far from it. The onions were sauteed to perfection and smothered in a delightful brown gravy. All in all, it was not completely awful, though it was tough, it was edible. The green beans, however, were way overcooked and had the consistency of a wet paper straw. When properly cooked, vegetables should be like pasta, al dente. The mashed potatoes struck me as out of place as they seemed like they were freshly made and very smooth. Big Boy says, "If you're in the area, looking for a bit of adventure, hungry and all you can scrape together is the coin droppings from your couch, head on over to 5 Points Cafe. You can leave your shoes on. In fact, you must. It's the law.