Frankie’s Beachside

Friday 13 April, 2018

Frankie's Beachside- Indian Harbour Beach- 3 Stars
It's all about the wings. After going on a wing binge 3 years ago I completely abjured wings. Thankfully, the Big Boy reviews brought me to this old standard. Frankie's Beachside is owned by the family of the original owner. It is actually the son of the second owner who was the brother of Frankie. Joe was a good friend. He passed 10 plus years ago. I ordered the wings extra hot. Now I need to be clear for those of you reading my reviews regarding chicken. I like my chicken cooked through. So I tend to lean towards medium well on chicken parts. Frankie's delivers on so many levels with their wings. They are cooked to temp and the sauce is spot on. Nothing crazy or outlandish and nothing gourmet just good solid wings. I strongly recommend them. You may be thinking with such a strong thumbs up on the wings why only 3 Stars? Well, I also ordered jalapeño poppers and the fish and chips. The poppers were a very low grade. Additionally, they were overcooked. The fish and chips fell into the same category. They were drenched in grease and inedible. If you want wings Big Boy says, "this is the place." I can't vouch for the other items.