Friday Saturday Sunday

Monday 21 January, 2019

Friday Saturday Sunday- Philadelphia, PA- 3.75- Stars

The City of Brotherly Love is known for several things, such as being the hometown of Benjamin Franklin, putting a jersey on William Penn's statue during playoff runs and for throwing snowballs at Santa while he was visiting an Eagles game. However, during my time here, and I know this is no secret but, I have also come to realize that Philly should be better known for some damn fine eating establishments as well! Frangelli's comes to mind (if you have never had a franolli get thee hence--pronto!) and my current subject of review, the restaurant with the three-day name, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday is conveniently located in the old neighborhood just west of Rittenhouse Square on the corner of Rittenhouse and 21st. Having been open since 2016, they are quickly making a name for themselves in and out of the neighborhood. Upon entering I was slightly taken aback by how small the dining area was, it's just a tiny room (make a reservation). After being led to our table and handed a menu I noticed the place felt bigger than it looked. Glancing at the walls, I attributed this to the scenes depicted throughout the establishment. With big, sweeping landscapes, they lent an air of openness to an otherwise cramped space.

We were soon approached by a fantastic human by the name of Layton who came to take our order. Layton was well groomed, professional in his approach and had a fantastic personality. After a few minutes just enjoying his engaging personality, I put in an order for a $413 Million Dollar Baby cocktail, Shrimp Cocktail, Chicken Liver Mousse, and Lobster. It wasn't long before Layton returned with my cocktail, and what a cocktail it was. This cocktail is an ingenious concoction of Scotch, Oloroso Sherry and lemon-coriander shrub. The result was a massive depth of layered notes of goodness.

After allowing me ample time to savor the delightful drink in front of me, Layton returned with our food. As one can see by the posted pictures, the presentation was flawless and the plates looked like works of gastronomical art. The bread was fresh, warm and had just the right amount of chewiness to crust as one would find in any fine dining place in Paris, New York, or Los Angeles. The Shrimp Cocktail came with some of the biggest, sweetest, freshest tasting prawns I have had. The homemade cocktail sauce contained notes of horseradish, red pepper, fresh tomato and was absolutely to die for. The Chicken Liver Mousse looked like Braunschweiger but tasted even creamier. The side of Carrot Confit (made of several varieties of the tuber) was cooked unevenly and not pleasant to eat. The date molasses threw the dish out of balance.

This brings us to the final item in our order and the last to be reviewed, the plate of Lobster with green garden dashi and parsnips. The huge chunks of Lobster meat were luscious and presented flawlessly, the parsnip purèe was a pure delight on the palate. If there was any drawback to be found in this course of crustacean it was that I found the reduction sauce to be ever so slightly lacking in flavor. The depth and complexities of flavors found throughout our meal, from my opening cocktail to the Chicken liver had set the bar high and I was expecting to be blown away by the sauce. Alas, I was not. It was good, just not what I had come to expect from the previous items.

The Big Boy says, "For amazing, complex drinks, Slightly Above Average eats and awesome service you can't go wrong with a stop at Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Sadly, I found out no matter how much you try, you can't stay for three whole days. Something about table turnover..." #iamthebigboy #bigboydiningout