Friendly Toast Cafe 2

Tuesday 28 November, 2017

For years the Friendly Toast was the gold standard in breakfast in South Brevard county. At some point this grand old lady had run off the tracks. If you don't already know, the lady that owns this restaurant employs most of her children and her husband. For years they have provided quality service and flair with the ingredients they get from Sysco.
Last week I eagerly walked in with firm expectations of a consistent meal as usual. Instead for 11 minutes I listened to two of the 5 sisters argue vehemently regarding child care or as it sounded a lack thereof.
Politely I asked if I could please place my order. I also casually mentioned to the youngest she should consider listening to opposing opinions.
Well, that plan of approach clearly fell flat as she began to berate me and insist I wait to order until she and her sister resolved things.
2 eggs, home fries and hamburger patty ordered. Received a mediocre meal prepared poorly at best. My suggestion? Leave your personal issues at home