Fujiyama Seafood & Steak

Sunday 08 January, 2017

Fujiyama Seafood & Steak- Melbourne 2 Star-
The oeuvre dedicated to sushi is sadly lost on Fujiyama Steak & Seafood. In my previous 104 reviews of dining establishments I have never given an extra star solely for the bartender's skill in mixing drinks. Without the bartender I would struggle to give this restaurant even one star.
I ordered the Bay Ridge roll and the Spicy tuna roll. The fish contained inside of the limp rice could only be described as lackluster, lifeless, listless and uninspiring. The sushi was purely inedible. Even the ginger cried out to be destroyed. It was actually tinged with black around the edges. To add insult to injury the service was abominable. There was no line to get in and empty tables all around us. However, the hostess suggested we sit at the bar. Here was the upside......the drinks were strong and well prepared. BUT FOR the bartender saving the evening Fujiyama would have found itself on the bottom 5 list. Big Boy says skip this place.