Gold Lion Bar and Deli

Sunday 29 July, 2018

Gold Lion Bar and Deli - Titusville - 4 Stars (very limited circumstances)

The beauty of providing this great service to my followers is in certain extenuating circumstances I can be wowed by a restaurant/bar so much that I end up throwing the usual criteria out the window and deliver a fun experience.

I am a Brevard County native. I mention this because for years, Titusville was the orphan of the county, while South Brevard sucked up all the population and tax base. However, in 1995, I worked for six months of my life in Titusville. During those six months, I found several very good dining establishments - places that just did not exist in South Brevard at the time. After re-working how I chose restaurants, my first two reviews were La Cita Country Club and the Gold Lion. When I announced I was heading to the Gold Lion, several T-ville local friends warned me not to go. However, the Big Boy can handle himself, so I was not worried about what I might walk into.

Upon entering the bar, I was greeted by a musician with a keyboard playing Elton John cover tunes. That made me think, "Come on! How tough could this place be?" As I looked around at the other patrons I noticed an eclectic mix of humanity all enjoying themselves. The bartender Jacob, despite having a packed bar, acknowledged me and took my drink order. He told me this was taco special night - $1 for two beef tacos. I was like, "Really? Okay, what a great loss leader," figuring they are giving away tacos to keep people drinking and make their money on the alcohol.

So I ordered two tacos and a scotch rocks. The drink came with over 2 ounces of booze. I immediately thought "Oh boy, here is a $7.00 drink for sure." My tacos arrived and I have to admit, they were no great shakes, but they were 10 times better than Taco Bell and one step above the taco kits at the grocery store. I ate one taco and finished my drink. I asked Jacob for the total, to which he replied "two tacos and one drink......$3.50." I couldn't believe it and asked him to repeat the total. He responded again with "$3.50." I gave a hearty laugh and left $10.00.

I am not sure how they can stay open at these prices, but you can't go wrong at that price point as a customer. At this rate, Big Boy says find out when taco night is, and give Gold Lion a try