Friday 20 October, 2017

This is what happens when a chef gets stellar reviews for years. The props go to their head. This restaurant was 20% full. We ordered the 7 course tasting menu with wine pairings. After course 3 we realized the wheels had come off the train. Two hours in we had 3 horrid white wines and a tapas tasting that left a load to be desired. We asked what was going on. We were told our server does not come to the table. So for two hours we had a bread server and a busboy who were wonderful but knew they were in the grease.
Once I called time out a maitre D' who was working hard to charm all of the fellas at the restaurant came over and asked what was wrong. I told him and he said the meal was free. I told him I did not want my meal for free. After much deliberation and 72 subsequent reviews I now realize what a sad experience I encountered at this restaurant. Never rest on your laurels