Grapevine Cafe

Tuesday 17 October, 2017

For many years I have been a happy shopper of the Green Turtle Market. Until I saw the menu for the Grapevine Cafe I never considered eating here. Let me tell you the experience here is a real pleasure. The ambiance is peaceful and quaint. The decor is like eating in someone's house even includes a fireplace. The servers are prompt and attentive. I ordered an espresso and the Lobster Roll. Normally, I would not order this in most restaurants but I know they sell fresh lobster in the market.
You receive two nicely grilled pieces of Texas toast folded in half and filled plump full of fresh delicious morsels of lobster and greens. It comes with coke slaw and potato salad. Cole slaw was below average but the potato salad hit the mark. There were so many great things on the menu. I look forward to going back.