Grecian Garden Café

Wednesday 24 January, 2018

Grecian Garden Cafe- N. Melbourne 4 Stars
The Grecian Garden Cafe has been a mainstay if the North Melbourne area for over 20 years. If you want a solid well prepared breakfast with no frills but properly cooked this is at the top of the hash slinger food chain.
You aren't going to get any fancy New American breakfast or lunch cuisine here that is not what this restaurant is about. All of the restaurants on my top five worst list could take a lesson from the owner of Grecian Garden. You don't need special ingredients to present a well tuned meal. Take what the wholesalers offer and give it flair. Two eggs, home fries, and country fried steak. Eggs cooked perfectly and seasoned. Home fries are hand cut and seasoned properly. The country fried steak was the typical one BUT IT WAS COOKED CORRECTLY. There is never a need to sleep walk through cooking. I should have to abduce myself from the table. Grecian Garden does that. Big Boy says give it a try.