Green Eggs Café

Saturday 26 January, 2019

Green Eggs Cafe'- Philadelphia, PA- 4.75-Stars

Finding an amazing bakery in Philly was easy (see Frangelli's). Now to find a decent place for breakfast. Adjusting my random restaurant generator to my current global location I awaited a response. Slowed just a bit by the GPS repositioning, it flashed the name Green Eggs. I'm in Philly, not Seussland. I tried again and once more it spat forth Green Eggs. Never one to be slow on the hints, I located the nearest Green Eggs as Google showed me four in the city of Brotherly Love. Arriving at my destination on 13th street I noticed the place was packed.

As we anticipated a long wait, we busied ourselves looking at the decor and updating BBDO sites. The place is busy which is always a good sign as far as the fare goes, service, however, is always hit or miss. In this case, it was a huge miss. Our server, Ashley, walked up to our table and just stood there. No, "Welcome to Green Eggs." No, "What do you want to drink?" Nothing. She just stood there. Shrugging it off for not dealing with tourists all that much and expecting everyone to know what they wanted, I proceeded to place an order for Chicken and Waffles Benedict along with some French Toast.

The Ashley 9000 serving as our waitron brought our food fresh from the kitchen in less time than expected given the fact that they were in the middle of the breakfast rush. I can only surmise that this meant the kitchen was run correctly, efficiently, professionally and with an obvious passion for presenting the best product to each and every customer. Kudos to the crew slinging and slopping it back there. They were killin' it.

If you are a loyal reader and keep up with or our Facebook page Big Boy Dining Out, you will already know of my recent discovery of Phatz Chicken Shack in Indian River County (if not, just go, or read it and then go, either way...go). So it was with great anticipation that I dug into Green Eggs offering of this uncommonly delightful combination of Chicken and Waffles. Oh, but this was so much more than some fried chicken plopped on top of a waffle. Indeed, it was the King of all Chicken and Waffle Combinations as it also contained two perfectly poached eggs and warm, made from scratch Hollandaise sauce. The chicken breast was hand dredged in a mixture bursting with flavor and fried to perfection then nestled on top of a fresh buttermilk waffle. Perched atop this mouthwatering mountain of food were the aforementioned poached chicken embryos covered in one of the French mother sauces. Looking at the pictures, you can see that I literally had to dig my way through a drumline of delicious onions and peppers to see the waffle obscured underneath. Oh, to have a Green Eggs location in Brevard County. Or a Phatz. Or anything for that matter that even comes close to this. Alas, we do not and as to why? That forever remains a mystery to me.

I digress. On to the French Toast. Once again, what I got from the kitchen was not your Grandmother's French Toast. This concoction of gourmand proportions consisted of sliced, baked on site challah bread hand dipped, fried stunningly well and served with a berry compote, vanilla anglaise, 100% real maple syrup, Chantilly cream and fresh berries. Everything was made on site and by a human appendage, including the Chantilly cream being freshly whipped to order. Again, I must say that this was some of the best, if not the best French Toast to ever grace my gullet. If we had a place like this in Brevard. Think about it, I would be the Extra Big Boy! Maybe someone will read this and take the hint. The Breakfast/Brunch market is screaming for a place like this to fill the gaping void that is to be found in my beloved Brevard County.

The Big Boy says, "If in Philly, don't be silly. Eat at any location of Green Eggs Cafe!"#iamthebigboy #bigboydiningout