Green Island Pest Control

Tuesday 01 January, 2019

Green Island Lawn & Pest - Vero Beach - 0 Stars

What is an acceptable level of dishonesty? Is it okay for cops to lie in court if the end result is the defendant is genuinely guilty? Is it okay to not say anything if the cashier gives you too much change back? Or is it okay to overcharge someone for underpar service and then act like a total fool once you are caught?

In my mind, none of those things are okay. The owner of Green Island Lawn & Pest is Michael D'Ambra. He is, in my not-so-humble opinion, a scam artist of epic proportions. When I hired him 6 months ago, my yard had a bunch of Pusley and a few smattering of weeds. It was also yellow, rather than green. D'Ambra whipped some slick con moves and I signed up. After two months the yard looked better. Then, I kinda quit paying attention to it, assuming all was status quo. One day, my regular lawn service, who does not do spraying, suggested I hire someone to spray the weeds. I told him I do already. He showed me around the yard and I took pictures, flabbergasted by what I saw.

So I called D'Ambra about the state of the weeds and he started yelling and screaming at me and calling me names. He said he was not gonna argue over a $70.00 account because he has the largest blah blah blah blah blah, and then said I was fired as a customer. I burst out laughing. In my 16 years as a criminal defense attorney and 20 years in the car business, one thing I know is when you are caught and you act like a jerk all the while professing your integrity, the reality is you are nothing more than a low-rent thief. At least he saved me the trouble of firing him.

I can't say definitively if D'Ambra is a thief or just trying to save money by cutting corners. What I do know is my new spray service has solved all of the problems you see in the pictures.

Big Boy says if you are looking for a three card Monte operator, D'Ambra is your guy. If you are looking for a spray service go elsewhere. The only green he provides is in the company name.

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