Green Turtle Market

Tuesday 01 May, 2018

Green Turtle Market- Melbourne Beachside- 5 Stars
This is the quintessential shopping experience. They are fully stocked with a great selection of fresh cut meat, fresh seafood and a giant array of food items prepared in their large kitchen supervised by the head Chef Ercan. The Chef is a noted culinary genius. There is a fresh salad section, a deli serving boars head products. As you peruse the dessert station you end up with a watering mouth that can be sated only by purchasing one of the delectable morsels. Fresh produce and cheeses are equally abundant. Lest we forget their excellent wine and craft beer selection presided over by an in house sommelier. I truly cannot day enough good things about the Green Turtle Market. As a final note I would like to mention the owner Tim Dwight. He is really a nice guy. He is friendly , helpful and always willing to answer questions. Several people have mentioned he is rude. I find him to be an intense individual but never rude. I think he has done an amazing job growing this business. The Big Boy says BRAVO!!!!!!