Jersey Mike’s Subs

Saturday 26 June, 2021

"My favorite animal is steak." - F. Lebowitz

And now for something completely different (again). I find myself returning to the eating establishments that survived the National lock-down - the previously avoided chain restaurants. I was on the phone a few years back when the Big Boy started to give unbiased reviews based on ingredients and execution with a friend who, while discussing sub sandwiches stated that a Jersey Mike's sub was different than the horrid, sliced, chopped, pressed and rolled meats one gets at Subway. As I pulled into a space in front of the Jersey Mike's location in Idialantic, FL., I thought to myself, "This one's for you, my friend."

Thinking of one friend and then running into Pat, a guy I've known since I was 6 (and one of the coolest, I might add) was all that was good about this visit. While the place was "post-Covid" clean, and the employees amicable, that is about all the good I can muster. I ordered one tuna and one roast beef sub.

If one looks at the picture of the tuna, it looks maybe like it was not so homemade? All I know is that they should call this "Cankro" as having ten canker sores on your tongue would be more enjoyable than eating this slop. The added toppings were average. The Roast Beef, while not looking like per-pressed chopped and molded (it obviously was not) it tasted on the whole average and nothing to write home about. And while I didn't order the turkey, that was definitely a turkey roll, not a freshly roasted breast (which, if I'm not mistaken one can get at Publix). Not only was the turkey a pre-formed roll, but it also had this slimy sheen on top...definitely not cool.

Jersey Mike's has 1910 locations across the country, which is 1910 more than is warranted based on my experience at this location. The fact that there are so many locations tells me one thing and one thing only. Hard-working Americans will sacrifice quality and taste for speed. Hey, you, American (and visiting or guest type person) stop that!!

The Big Boy says, "I would recommend Subway over this place, and I wouldn't recommend Subway either!" #iamthebigboy #bigboydiningout