Las Palmas Cuban Restaurant – Sebastian

Saturday 04 August, 2018

Las Palmas Cuban- Sebastian- 4.5 Stars

I was all prepared to give the Latin restaurant on Sarno Road in Melbourne 5 stars, but then I came to Las Palmas and found flaws that I did not realize were flaws in the former meal there. Las Palmas is located in a small strip mall in the booming metropolis of Sebastian, Florida right on US 1.

The restaurant is thematically decorated with all of the traditionally appropriate Latin American props. Our server, Jackie, was a friendly, porcine lady. Standing at 5'1" with her robust figure, I considered offering her a job since she would be the perfect Big Girl counterpart to my Big Boy. Unfortunately, I knew there was little possibility that Jackie was going to make it through the entire service due to a pronounced limp, and I was correct. Her sub, a charming gal named Holly, said Jackie had to go home, so I wasn't able to offer her a chance to be my BBDO partner.

I ordered Bistec de Palomilla Encebelladeis and Mofongo de Masitas de Puerco al Ajillo pork. Both of these dishes were executed flawlessly. The Palomilla steak is my baseline I order in every Latin restaurant. The steak is a skirt cut that has tons of natural flavor. Add the traditional garlic sauce, and you have a winning dish that Las Palmas hit it out of the park. The Mofongo was amazing - look at the photos - my mouth is watering just remembering it. It was this dish that made me realize the restaurant in Melbourne did not do a good job on their Mofongo. For those who have never heard of Mofongo, it is a dish with fried plantains as its main ingredient. The plantains are picked green and fried, then mashed with salt, garlic and oil in a wooden pilón (like a butter churn). The Mofongo at Las Palmas was a real delight and pleasure to experience and set the standard by which all others should be compared.

Aside from these well-executed and flavorful dishes, what makes this restaurant truly exquisite are the panoply of homemade sauces they give you gratis served sampler style. You get a tomato salsa, garlic butter, and cilantro aioli. I asked to buy a jar of each, but sadly, they are not sold that way. They are a real treat and would go well on just about anything.

I liked this restaurant so much the Big Boy suggests you take a trip to Sebastian and give it a try. While you're at it, steal a jar of sauce for me, too. :)