Latin Flavor Restaurant

Tuesday 19 June, 2018

Latin Flavor- Eau Gallie - 4 Stars

"First we eat, then we do everything else." - Fischer

This is one of those places only the locals seem to know about. Located in an out of the way spot, this restaurant is a bit challenging to locate. You can't see it from the road and the signage is not the most eye catching, but let me tell you, what awaits you inside is a veritable frippery of gabbing ladies anxiously awaiting the opportunity to provide their patrons with excellent service. I was fortunate enough to be waited on by the owner. She, for obvious reasons, knew everything about the menu.
It is very hard in Brevard County to walk 10 feet without tripping over a Puerto Rican restaurant. There seems to be one on every corner (think Starbuck's). They serve alcohol here. I mention this because you can virtually touch the Sheriff's Sarno substation from the front door of Latin Flavor. I was going to initially give this restaurant 5 stars because it was the best Puerto Rican food I have ever gormandized; however, two weeks ago I noshed at a Puerto Rican joint in Sebastian that had a mofongo that blew Latin Flavor's away but, I get ahead of myself. I started with the Alcapurrias. These are plantains stuffed with ground beef and then fried. It is served with a flavorless mayonnaise based sauce which, thankfully, is not needed. The meat is seasoned expertly and it soaks into the plantain. Overall, the dish was a real winner.
Next up was the Pernil Pork. While it might have needed a little more seasoning, it was executed flawlessly and served with great panache. The rice had canary beans mixed into it, and as we all know, I am a sucker for canary beans as they are a staple of the South American diet. Finally came the mofongo. Mofongo has fried plantains as its main ingredient. Plantains are picked green and fried then mashed with salt, garlic and oil in a mortar and pestle. It really is a flat tasting dish used as a delivery system for add ons. In this instance it is a sauce similar in taste and consistency to that of a bottled Italian salad dressing. While it was really good , it was easily out done by a competitor. The Big Boy still strongly recommends you give them a spin and says, "buen provecho!"