Le Macaron French Pastries

Wednesday 10 January, 2018

Le Macaron- Melbourne 4 Stars. Occasionally, you run into something you have never tried before. For me trying macarons was that new experience. These tiny almond flour confections which are punctiliously made truly melt in your mouth. I ordered a rose, Belgian chocolate and a lavender white chocolate. All three are flavorful and spot on. You can literally taste the layered flavors all brought together with the cream of tartar.
Now for a few side notes. The shop is inside the Melbourne Square Mall. It is decorated how an American would envision France not a real Parisian decor. The gentleman that owns the shop speaks virtually zero English so if you are going to try these pastries as a result of my review I suggest you do some research first because the owner can barely explain who he is let alone answer questions about his offerings. I think this is a nifty clever idea. I would tell you to tell him the Big Boy sent you but he would just stare at you blankly.