Livacai Cafe

Friday 10 February, 2017

I am not a vegetarian and I certainly am not a health conscious eater. I do like to try new things. This micro cafe is nestled inside the Melbourne Beach Marketplace. It has a beachy rustic setting that is mildly appealing. What puts my rating in the stratosphere, which everyone knows is near impossible to receive from me, is twofold. Customer Service and Fresh ingredients.
Prior to this review I did not know that an Acai (pronounced "uh Sy") bowl even existed. For three minutes I questioned the Barista about it. He was amazingly friendly and glad to help a newbie. He showed me what went into it and showed me all of the ultra fresh ingredients. I ordered the super bowl unsweet with a shot of almond butter. Let me tell you I received an amazing bowl of food that was so fun to eat it made me wonder how did it take evolution billions of years to come up with this food. Anyway, this place is super cool. Don't be afraid to ask questions. They are super happy to help