Long Point Cafe

Tuesday 17 October, 2017

This was a unique experience. The server Jamie was FANTASTIC. The ambiance is 1990's cafe. Nothing exciting nothing offensive. The menu appears basic. I was just about to order the usual when I was convinced by Jamie to order the Cobia Benedict with grits because they have "THE BEST GRITS EVER." I also ordered a biscuit. The biscuit was not a Sysco box biscuit nor was it homemade. It actually was a momma B's grocery store biscuit. That fact alone amused me greatly. The Benedict as you can see from the picture looks good. The grits looked promising. This meal was completely and totally devoid of flavor. Not one single smidge of salt, pepper cayenne, basil, ANYTHING!!!!!!! The Cobia was like jerky not fresh. Now the grits. Let me say this....I have had the best grits in the USA and these are not it. It's simple quick grits with heavy cream added. Again... No flavor. This would be two stars if not for the service.