Love Bug’s Donuts and Bakery

Friday 08 September, 2017

This establishment is a perfect example of new ownership ruining a great thing. Love Bugs was a thriving original donut shop and deli for many years. The founder of the company sold his three locations and the new owners promptly changed the positive direction. They removed the deli, and closed two locations. The quality of the food has suffered greatly. My recent purchases there inedible. I obtained an orange donut and a cheesecake donut.
The cheesecake donut was mushy soggy and other than the over iced top there was nothing resembling cheese in the product. The orange donut had the opposite problem. It had zero glazing was virtually flavorless and the dollop of icing squirted on top was all sugar. Previously, the donuts were well balanced and flavorful. You may ask why two stars instead of one? The service was excellent.