Maison Martinique Restaurant

Sunday 18 August, 2019

Maison Martinique Restaurant- Vero Beach-3.5-Stars

"Too many people eat just to consume calories. Try dining for a change." -- J. Walters

Located within the luxurious Caribbean Court Boutique Resort is where one will find Maison Martinique. This almost hidden gem offers al fresco dining as well as three dining rooms within, so grabbing a table should not be a problem. However, as it is situated within the aforementioned Resort, calling ahead for a reservation wouldn't be a bad idea. As I did not, I was thankful for the ample seating and was lead to a vacant table almost immediately. Perusing the menu, I must say that I was highly impressed with the offerings and could only hope they tasted as good as they read.

Suddenly, an odd idea popped into my head. Why not order all the specials off the menu today instead of flinging darts and ordering what they land on? As soon as I had this thought, my server, Aubrey appeared table side and inquired as to my readiness to order. I let it be known that I was indeed ready and asked for a Glenlivet neat*(side o'rocks) to get the ball rolling and then the specials of the day. Aubrey told me I couldn't go wrong with that choice and to that end put in an order for Curry Lamb Soup, one Goat Cheese Bake and one Bombay Sapphire Martini to wash it all down.
Aubrey soon returned with my Scotch and what a Scotch it was. Just look at that picture. That had to be a 3.5 oz pour or I'm not the Big Boy (love you, Aubrey)!! I was about halfway through the Single Malt Nectar of the Gods when Aubrey set my food before me. Take a minute and glance at the rest of the pictures. As one can see, the presentation was stunning. If the food was as good as it read, looked and smelled I was in for yet another gastronomical treat in the burgeoning haute cuisine scene of Vero Beach. Let the festivities begin!

I was told by a chef in Vero Beach that the bread should set the standard for the rest of the meal as it is the first sampling from the kitchen the customer experiences. This bread, as one can clearly see, was indeed baked on site. However, I have a sneaky feeling (due to taste and consistency) that is was baked from pre-made, frozen dough. While it tasted fine, it didn't hit the table running, so to speak. So far, so meh. As I could smell the curry lightly wafting up from the soup bowl, I hungrily procured my spoon and dove in. With what I assumed were red lentils(?) and USDA prime chunks of lamb, this not only jumped over the bar set by the bread but obliterated it in the process. The curry was perfectly proportioned and in no way overwhelmed the lamb. The lamb was so tender it almost melted on the palate like so much lamb flavored butter. This dish alone is 5 stars all day, every day.
Moving on to the Goat Cheese Bake, I couldn't help sneak a last smell of the soup before trading in my spoon for a fork. The Goat cheese is broiled first, then baked on a fresh crostini that was crispy and chewy. The delicious red sauce added deep rich flavor to the divinely lightly crusted goat cheese. I could eat this every night. The accompanying Lobster and Scallop baked rice was soft and flavorful, though I could swear that the seafood rested too long and slightly killed the dish. The asparagus, while cooked to veggie perfection, lacked enough seasoning.

The Bombay Sapphire Martini sans blue cheese stuffed olives was still delightful and just as heavy as the Glenlivet. As I mentioned at the start, this is the first time I have ever spurned the menu to order all specials. As such, I have to give credit where credit is due and all in all this kitchen crew knows what they are doing and sling forth some excellent chow. However, with the bread being the bread that it was and the seafood over rested, I stand firmly behind my 3.5 Star rating.

The Big Boy says, "For a strong drink and a Goat Cheese Bake you can eat all day, call up and reserve a table at Maison Martinique." #iamthebigboy #bigboydiningout