Sunday 25 February, 2018

Marisol At Crown Plaza- Beachside Melbourne 3-Stars.
Going to restaurants inside of hotels you are not staying makes me feel like a stalking horse. This particular trip was no different. What adds to the heightened intensity is these restaurants are geared to provide a breakfast buffet to guests.
I waltz into the hub and ask for a menu, which sends the service staff into a state of disorientation. Here at Marisol the problem was handled professionally. While the music was blaring, and the dishes had to be replaced do to a lack of cleanliness, the view was amazing and the server on point.
Now on to the food. I ordered steak and eggs. The eggs were cooked properly, the hash browns were crisped in butter and a side of asparagus was served with a creamy hollandaise sauce slathered on top. The breakfast steak which was a commercial grade cut sirloin so nothing special. However, this steak will play a large part in an upcoming review where a restauranteur tried selling me this exact same steak but tried to pass it off as a filet. Anyway, back to the story. The steak actually had been seasoned in the kitchen so no steak sauce was needed. If you are sick of the regular places and you want to try a hotel breakfast then Marisol is an average offering. Big Boy says you can try it but there are better offerings elsewhere