Meg O’Malley’s

Tuesday 13 February, 2018

Meg O'Malley's- Downtown Melbourne- 4 Stars
The true test of a restaurant's food quality is how busy is it on off days. My trip to Meg's on a Wednesday at 6:15 resulted in a 35 minute wait. It was so packed. This brought a smile to my face because I knew that after 20 years this Bistro is still churning out high quality food.
How hard is it to change your menu? Apparently not very since Meg's does so frequently and with great aplomb. So I ordered the Scotch Egg and seafood Mac and Cheese. I have never had a scotch egg before. It is a hardboiled egg wrapped in sausage and deep fried. I found this dish to be stunning in its conception and execution. Properly layered flavors and the frying was light. It came with a Caesar salad and pickled vegetables. The salad was slightly above average but the pickled vegetables were to die for. Tart, tangy, crisp and bursting with flavor. The Brussel sprouts were seasoned properly and tasted fine. They would have tasted better if they had been fresh and not frozen. I wanted to give Meg's five stars. Sadly, I could not because the Mac and cheese bombed. It was runny. Too much milk had been used. The seafood was literally swimming in water. Quite frankly, I am not sure why the expediter did not catch it. Anyway, Big Boy says try it, just avoid the mac and cheese.