Memaw’s Bar-B-Q

Sunday 08 April, 2018

Memaw's Bar-B-Q - Indian Harbour Beach - 4 Stars.
Five years ago if you had said, "Todd, 5 years from now you are going to write a 4 star review on Memaw's BBQ." I would have laughed in your face. Intermittently, over the years, I have stopped in and have always been dissatisfied with the food. So, I finally gave up and quit coming here. Then once Big Boy Dining Out started I dreaded coming here because I assumed I was going to have the same dreadful experience as in years past.
Much to my surprise, the owner apparently has put a modicum of effort in rendering a positive food experience. I was pushed to a huge smile when a loud voice bellowed across the dining room for me to sit wherever I like. I was planning on doing take out but for some reason I felt compelled to comply. My server Mary apparently left her previous position at the circus where her job was pulling raw meat from the jaws of the lions. Anyway, she was very helpful and knowledgeable. What impressed me the most is she was the only server on duty and there were 20 plus customers and all of them were happy. This is a stark contrast to millennials who are mad because the manager gave them 2 tables out of 30.
I ordered a wide variety of items. Barbecued turkey, beef, and chicken. It also came with extremely tasty garlic bread. While I must point out the turkey was processed, it still was flavorful and enjoyable. The real heroes here were the beef and chicken. Both were cooked exactly how I like them. The portions were more than adequate for the Big Boy. After completing this meal I had an abreaction of emotions release from me of pent up frustration that had accumulated over the interceding 15 years. She ain't perfect but try Memaw, she is okay. So sayeth the Big Boy.