Mexico’s Grill

Sunday 10 February, 2019

Mexico's Grill- Cocoa Beach,Fl.- 4.50-Stars

"Eureka! I have found it!" --Archimedes

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages! Phone the neighbors, wake the dog, for I am here to say, "I found it!" After all the crappy, fake Sysco supplied Mexican food I had to endure, I finally found the best Mexican restaurant in Brevard County and I am happy to say it is as authentic as any place you will find in the state of Jalisco. Located just north of the West Cocoa Beach Causeway off of Atlantic Ave. is where you will find this jewel of Mexican cuisine.

When he opened Mexico's Grill three years ago, Carlos Garcia, the owner/chef, realized the culmination of a childhood dream. Growing up in his parent's taco shop he dreamt of opening up a real, honest to Pancho Villa Mexican style restaurant in his favorite city, Cocoa Beach. And, as Carlos is using the family recipes he enjoyed at the dinner table, I am sure his escape was akin to something like this: Waiting until a few hours after midnight, our Hero snuck into the kitchen, grabbed his mother's recipe index. made a mad dash to the door, or he just asked and got his Mom's blessing. Either way, I get ahead of myself. On to the Eats!

Stepping inside Mexico's Grill I encountered brightly colored walls matching the tableware and menu one might think the place would be "busy." The colors seem to blend into a nice relaxing, fun-filled atmosphere that certainly set the vibe for Mexican food. The smells permeating the air instantly gave me hope that this might be the place I have been looking for in regards to an authentic representation of what the country to the south of us has to offer in regards to foodstuffs.

After being seated and perusing the menu for a few minutes a young man, that introduced himself as Jose, showed up and asked if I was ready to order. Jose is super knowledgeable about the menu and informed me that all sauces, meats and tortillas were made in house. Already drooling I put in an order for a Guadalajara Burrito with chorizo and some carnitas Street Tacos.

Waiting for Jose to return with our edibles, I again turned my attention to the surroundings. This place was humming like a well-oiled machine. If his cuisine was anything like the staff he hired, Carlos was sure to be a genius behind the stove/oven/grill. Thankfully, my wait wasn't all that long and Jose was at our table setting our plates down with unmasked pride and a smile like he knew something I didn't. This guy is so in tune with the menu, that he even brought extra napkins without being asked. The man knew what was what.

Before I get into the food review, you might want to take a gander at the photos as words alone cannot do this place justice. First off, each table has a bottle of homemade salsas of the red and green variety, After taking a small drop of each on my finger I couldn't believe what my taste buds were informing me. This was the real deal. No fake anything in here. Now, if you take a look at that Guadalajara Burrito the first thing you might notice is the size and fresh toppings heaped on top. This is what an authentic Mexican Burrito should look like. With a warm, homemade tortilla as a base and stuffed with the most incredibly flavored made from scratch chorizo I have ever had, this is hands down the best Burrito I have had in a long time and certainly the best I have yet to find on the Space Coast. Carlos does not cut any corners, it's as if his Mom is back in the kitchen standing over his shoulder and making sure he is following her recipes correctly. Rest assured, Mama! Your boy is doing right by you! With hand chopped tomatoes, onion and cilantro to go along with the hand shredded cheese, you get the feeling like you are sitting around Carlos' family dinner table. The guacamole! What can I say about the guacamole?! Creamy and chunky with just the right amount of kick, I charge you to make a better one at home.

On to the street tacos. Again, with everything made fresh on site, you just can't go wrong with these no matter what filling you choose. I went with the carnitas (slow roasted pork) filling and I was not disappointed. With properly seasoned pork that has been roasting for at least 3 hours, these were truly ambrosial on the palate. The meat melted in my mouth and the freshly made corn tortillas were the perfect accompaniment to this sensuous, slow roasted swine. Topped with more fresh cut veggies and slices of radish, the taste was out of this world. Topping them off with the fresh salsa found on the table, I was immediately transported to a beach on the Mexican Rivera (sadly, only in my mouth as the rest of me was still in the Cocoa Beach).

The Big Boy says, "For the absolute real deal and hands down the best Mexican food in Brevard County, eat here. Then come back and eat again. Then again. Now, tell everyone you know to eat here." #iamthebigboy #bigboydiningout