Mi Mexico Lindo

Sunday 13 June, 2021

Continuing my quest in the post-Covid world of surviving restaurants, I found myself in the mood for some good ole authentic Mexican food. I jumped into the Big Boy Mobile and headed north until I found myself in front of Mi Mexico Lindo in Merritt Island. If nothing else, at least they had a pretty name. Get it?

I would be remiss if I didn't touch on the post-virus precautions they have introduced to protect their staff and patrons. The place was spotlessly clean and the seating was well spread out, not that that mattered as we were the only ones in the place. Was this foreshadowing of the fare or timing?

Soon upon sitting, a lovely young lady by the name of Tia approached. While Tia did have that "pre-busy, I don't wanna be here vibe" emanating from her, she was pleasant and competent. I placed an order for a Taco plate, one carne asada and one chorizo as the Big Boy likes his spice!

First up were the fried to order tortilla chips and homemade "authentic" guacamole. The guac (as we called it in the foodservice industry back in the day) was incredibly creamy and had deep red, lush tomatoes in it, yet something was missing. I couldn't quite put my finger on it then it hit me...flavor! I am serious, there must have been zero seasonings in this guac, it was completely tasteless. Shouldn't there be at least a hint of fresh lime juice in it? Perhaps some salt or chili powder? This was a creamy mix of avocado and tomato and nothing else. The chips were as you would expect. They were obviously fried to order and the fry cook nailed it.

Moving on to the taco plate, I was hoping things would improve and here is where I would find their real-deal Mexican flavors. For starters I found their Mexican rice to be exceedingly unappealing and their homemade concoction of beans disgusting. Neither brought any joy to the palate.

With slight trepidation, I moved on to the tacos. Sampling the carne asada taco first I was immediately taken in by the chew factor of the gristle I was attempting to masticate. This was either the cheapest, lowest grade of meat they could find, or I got lucky. Either way it was inedible as I couldn't chew through the gristle. The chorizo had to be related to the previously mentioned guacamole as it too had as much flavor as a piece of cardboard. Chorizo with no taste?? How is that even possible? I think the whole plate should be renamed to "Taco Birria Plate" as birria means apology in Spanish and they sure owe their patrons one for this bland hot mess! How an "authentic" Mexican restaurant could serve flavorless food is beyond me, unless, of course, they have been led to believe that Americans prefer their food tasteless (I assure you, at least this one, does not).

The Big Boy says, "if you are up cruising around Merritt Island, get hungry and pass this place...keep going. You'll thank me later." #iamthebigboy #bigboydiningout