Mirage Restaurant

Sunday 24 September, 2017

I was in Tampa for a little mini-vacation. I am of middle-eastern descent so I regularly will go to restaurants that offer fare from the homeland of my grandparents.
The mirage, per its sign, offers middle eastern and Persian cuisine. The best Persian (Iran, Iraq) food I have ever eaten was in a strip mall dump in Birmingham, Alabama, so I am always open for a try. First, let me begin by telling you there is NO way 173 people could rate this place 4.5 stars.
The buffet food was revolting. The rice was dry and crunchy. Not Al Dente but tasteless and crunchy. The Falafel was like a mouthful of sawdust. I could not discern a visual difference between the hummus and the baba ghanouj. Upon tasting this drek there was not lemon or garlic in either one so all you tasted in the hummus was ground chick peas and raw tahini. The baba was runny and lacking flavor. If this is the highest rated Middle Eastern food in the Greater Tampa area I shudder to think what the worst is. STAY AWAY