Tuesday 06 November, 2018

Mizu- Kissimmee- 2.5 Stars

Hidden behind an Olive Garden and one store down from the local Best Buy is where one will find Mizu Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi in the heart of Touristville, aka, Kissimmee. If I wasn't on a quest to review every restaurant within a three-county area, I would most likely start skipping places that tag "and Sushi" seemingly as an afterthought to their name. In my experience, it has always been, "do one thing and do it better than anyone else." Take the fine dining restaurants in your area as an example. Unless you live near Di Mare in Vero Beach, I can't think of one that straddles two culinary schools, i.e. most are either French or Italian cuisine.

After being seated and given ample time to go over their menu our server, Eddie, was at the table requesting as to how he could be of service. I have to say that he was polite, respectful, engaging and Johnny-on-the-spot throughout the entire meal. Speaking of which, while conversing with Eddie, I placed an order for Thai Pham special roll, my go-to nigiri order of Escolar and my signature sushi test of a spicy tuna hand roll.

For starters, I found the presentation on the Thai Pham to be quite exceptional as it was exceedingly visually appealing. After one bite I also decided it tasted as good as it looked. It was fresh, just the right amount of sticky and had a delightful combination of sweet and spicy as the eel sauce sublimely mingled with the spicy mayo and the wasabi infused masago sprinkled on top along with its red and black cousins. The Escolar was fresh enough to satisfy even the most scrupulous partaker of raw fish, however, it was not anything spectacular. Just your average bait on rice. Don't misunderstand me, average fresh sushi nigiri is still a winner in my book. Finally arriving at my test item, Mizu's version of the ever-popular Spicy Tuna hand roll. This was a fail in the Big Boy Dining Out perspective in that, for some unknown reason, like the other Temaki I have had prepared by chef's of a Chinese persuasion, they mix panko in with the chopped tuna before gluing it together with chili paste and perhaps mayo. I don't know if they are learning this technique in China or here in the States, regardless; I wish they would unlearn it and stop teaching it. A correctly formulated Spicy Tuna Hand Roll should get all the crunch it needs from the fresh Kaiware sprouts and julienned cucumber (if included). Save some bread. Stop abusing Panko!

The Big Boy says, "when in Kissimmee and looking for a tasty break from all the tourist headaches, stop at Mizu's for some unusual special rolls and tasty sushi nigiri." #iamthebigboy #bigboydiningout