Mr. Brown’s Pub

Friday 09 February, 2018

Mr. Brown's Pub- Bolton Landing, NY 4 Stars
After a long slog from New York City to upstate New York we finally arrived at our destination, the Sagamore Hotel and resort. We checked into our room and decided we needed chow quickly. Of course there was snow on the ground and 12 degree weather which was truly spectacular.
We alighted down the stairs to Mr. Brown's Pub and were greeted with a rustic wood decor almost southern barbecue style. There is minimal seating but most seats have a spectacular view of the lake.
I ordered the Brunch Burger. It came as a 1/2 pound hand patted top shelf burger covered with fresh ingredients of lettuce, tomato and onion. It also is topped with a great egg that truly balances the meat served on a toasted and slightly grilled bun. I ordered a side of fries that were hand cut and seasoned. This meal truly packed a punch and satisfied this weary traveler. Big Boy says give it a try.