MRAM Engineering Surplus & Appliance Parts

Friday 07 July, 2017

I have been looking for a computer monitor for a week. This store has hundreds of used computer parts. They also sell some new parts as well as parts for appliances. Everything is stocked and maintained nicely. Whenever I enter a small business I am always outgoing and say hello. There were three employees. I walked in greeted them with a hello. The three stared at me like I caught them in the middle of doing something wrong. No one said hello back and the lady at the counter actually snarled at me. I asked for a used computer monitor. She showed me, I picked one out. We went up front to pay. I asked if she could take my name and call me when a bigger one comes in. She growled "we don't do that." I paid and as I turned to walk out I asked "does anyone here smile?" I received grunts in response. It actually was more hilarious than sad. I guess they are so overwhelmed with customers they don't need my business