Mulberry Lane Cafe

Sunday 15 April, 2018

Mulberry Lane Cafe - N. Melbourne - 4 Stars.
Reviewing restaurants fairly is a hard service to provide. Many times it's super easy to tell what's coming. Thoughtless, uninspired, careless food. Some cooks take crap ingredients and turn them into something great. Some take great ingredients and make something bad. I mention this in long form because I had to come to this restaurant twice to achieve 4 Stars. My first review would have been 2 Stars. However, the food I was served the first time should NOT have been as bad as it was. I literally lost sleep over my first visit here.
All the food was touted as homemade. The server explained even the country fried steak was hand battered and fried. So, I ordered it. She emphasized the corned beef was likewise made to order on premises. Again, I ordered it. Two eggs over medium with hash browns "hand shredded" and a biscuit. The biscuit was FANTASTIC both times. Hence the reason I gave two stars instead of one. The country fried steak was too salty and inedible. The browns were grossly overcooked. The eggs were flat and the hash flavorless. I waited one week and went back.
My thinking is, there is no way this much effort could be put into food and it be so bad. I also had two followers message me and request I try Mulberry.
I decided to re-order the exact same meal. I sat Argus eyed as it arrived. My greatest fears were allayed. I immediately knew the eggs were cooked properly as well as the hash browns. The biscuit, as stated earlier, was magnificent. As I trepidatiously cut into the steak, I was greeted with great joy and happiness at the flavor of the steak. The gravy was spot on and the steak was so savory my mouth is watering again as I speak. 4 Stars? Yes, the corned beef hash was still a failure and I know why. The cook is relying on the potatoes and hash to flavor the dish. However, the punch normally associated with this dish is left on the cook top. Seasoning is missing from the dish. The Big Boy says thumbs up. Give it a try, just avoid the hash.