Mustard’s Last Stand

Tuesday 15 May, 2018

Mustard's Last Stand- Eau Gallie- 3 Stars
This restaurant and its partner in Downtown Melbourne have been slinging hot dogs for over 20 years. I am not certain if it has remained the same owners over the years but the consistency has mostly remained on a positive incline.
If you were to perform a cadastral survey you would see that for many years Mustard's Last Stand was the outermost boundary of gourmet hot-dogging in Brevard County. I had not been to these restaurants in many years. Ending a long hiatus, I arrived recently at the US-1 location in Eau Gallie at 11:00am and it was apparent that the two ladies handling service were overwhelmed by the crush of people. The counter person was hustling hard but the line cook was struggling with the orders. They use an all beef dog that is crisp and freshly made. For years they have been using a poppy seed bun that traditionally has been well prepared and effectively used. In fact, the bun is one factor why this is a 3-Star and not a 4-star rating. I cannot put my finger on why the buns were soggy and unappealing but it may be the nature of the unexpected crush of people. I ordered the Nebraska Dog, a Chicago Hot, and a Philly Dog. The Philly Dog has melted nacho cheese, sweet peppers, and grilled onions. If this had had actual melted cheddar instead of nacho cheese sauce it would have been better. The Nebraska Dog has the same nacho cheese sauce that throws the Philly dog off. Although Mustard's bills this cheese as cheddar, it clearly is not. The Nebraska also possesses bacon and barbecue. Although this is no gourmet dog, even with the nacho cheese sauce, it is still a rather well put together wiener. Finally, I can't say enough positive things about the Chicago Hot. This is the first place I ever had one 28 years ago. It is a perfect combo. It has a pickle, hot pepper mustard, and diced tomato. As far as I'm concerned, it's the best hot dog presentation in Brevard. Which leads to the following: If you want the single finest frank in the county, the Chicago Hot is it. The rest of the dogs are average or below average when you factor in the bun. If you are mainland and want a good lunch go for the Chicago Hot from Mustard's Last Stand. If you want fresh bread and a caring gourmet presentation there are better options beachside. However, Big Boy says give the Chicago Hot a try.