M&W Smokehouse BBQ

Sunday 03 December, 2017

Very Happy Review!!!! M&W Smokehouse In Bonifay, Florida is hands down the best barbecue I have ever consumed. Bonifay is in north Florida a few miles off of I-10. I stumbled into this low key dive without any expectations and was BLOWN Away at the flavors and technique used in preparation of the meal. Not one single item was off. I ordered a combo platter with pork ribs, sliced beef and beef brisket. I also ordered a side of HOMEMADE pork rinds. The rinds were so good I took a triple order to go to share with friends back home. They were so zingy and bursting with flavor I had to forcefully stop myself from eating them. They were seasoned with salt, Worcestershire sauce, pepper and I tasted a hint of vinegar.
The brisket literally melted in its own juices. It was soft tender and succulent. The smoking technique was far above my talent level. I looked at the smokers and they were impressive. The ribs and beef were likewise tasty and cooked well. A final word about the sauce. The barbecue sauce which is likewise homemade had hints of smoky chocolate with a pepper punch at the end. This was savory all the way. I will probably never be in Bonifay, Florida again in my life but if you are ever making the lonely drive down I-10 and see the sign STOP it's well worth it.