Nature’s Market & Cafe

Sunday 06 May, 2018

Nature's Market & Cafe- Melbourne- 4 Stars

"But this is slavery, not to speak one's thoughts."- Euripides

I have spent my life abstaining from entering health food stores. I don't know if it's the hucksterism that was historically associated with "health food" or the granola people that traditionally were involved in the movement. However, it has become so much more, now one can find: Gluten free, non-gmo, hormone free, vegan, sustainability, direct trade, fair trade, biodynamics, permaculture and slow food. Phew, I am sure I missed some. All of these "movements" or fads have traditionally been a turn off for me. But, duty called and a review of the restaurant beckoned.

This is a mid-size cafe attached to a larger "health" food store. One thing I truly do enjoy about these places are the abundance of conspiracy theories bandied about between customers and staff. Pssssssssssst, did you hear Big Pharma is suppressing access to herbal remedies? Pssssssst, did you know the farm industry is trying to shut down family farms? Pssssssssst, do you think Oswald was the lone shooter? As one of my regular readers, I trust you get the irony.

The food here is above average. It is fun and full of layered flavors that as a whole are executed properly.
Of course they made one tiny, but fatal mistake. They self-promoted the "best" soup in Brevard County. was not. I poured myself the Portuguese Kale and Linguica sausage soup. Apparently, the cook was relying on the Linguica to do all the work; hence, it was flavorless and tasted like water with sausage.

The rest of the offerings were 5-star. First, I tried the Mushroom Swiss burger. The burger itself was seasoned. This tells me the cook does have the capacity for top notch flavor profiles. Most burger offerings rely on the customer. The Swiss cheese was perfecto and the mushrooms were fresh. The final layer of flavoring involved onions and fresh herbs. Finally, I tried the turkey, bacon and avocado sandwich. This is served panini style with crisp bacon, real turkey and avocado paste. It's a real winner.
I would like to mention that the counter help, May, was delightful, friendly and knowledgeable about the food being served.
Big Boy says, "if you want to feel good about yourself go to The Nature's Market Cafe. Try it and I am sure you will like it. Was it Oswald? What about the grassy knoll?