Nature’s Table Cafe

Thursday 05 April, 2018

Nature's Table Cafe - Indian Harbour Beach - 2 Stars.
There is nothing worse than chain food. You know McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, Subway. The list is endless of crappy, terrible tasting food completely lacking in taste, originality or health. I am thoroughly indolent when it comes to "fast food." So, I see this restaurant Nature's Table Cafe and think, wow a health conscious meal. Great idea.
Well, it became readily apparent, like Slim Pickens charging the town in Blazing Saddles, "We Been A Suckered In." Apparently, Nature's Table is a chain restaurant. Which means in this particular instance you receive food that truly is not edible for human consumption. The fact this place is open is a testament to how much people are willing to delude themselves into thinking they are eating healthy, when I am willing to bet ingredient for ingredient McDonald's serves similar types of food that tastes better and is at least equally healthy. Anyway, I ordered a tuna sandwich from a woman. I had to repeat the order, six times because clearly she did not want to be there. I also asked a few questions about the smoothie selection. She had zero clue the answers to my questions. It's because of employees like this I specifically do NOT punish the restaurant score wise because if the food was great I would have ignored this lady and could have written 5 paragraphs on how great the tuna tasted. Sadly, the tuna had zero seasoning or flavor. The bread was soggy and limp. I did not even waste camera space taking a picture. I had the POM Beach smoothie. They should have named it Palm Beach because all I tasted was sand and grit, lacking all flavor. Being a big user of Pom Products, I think they should cancel their sponsorship because I feel certain they are not using anything produced by Pom. Anyway, for those who may feel I am unfair because this is a "healthy" food experience I want you to know there is a forthcoming review of a health food restaurant I really liked. Big Boy says no go.